Extractor hoods for an impeccable kitchen

Cocina de diseño italiano con una campana extractora de diseño

At the heart of designer kitchens is a harmonious combination of functionality and style.

Extractor hoods play a key role in this balance, providing a clean and fresh ambience while complementing the aesthetics of Italian-designed kitchens.

From kitchen accessories, to designer extractor hoods to kitchen accessories, there is a fusion of elements that make the kitchen an impeccable space.

Extractor hood trends: style and technology

Today, a cooker hood is no longer just a functional element to eliminate odours and fumes in the kitchen. It has become an essential design accessory that brings style, personality and advanced technology to the heart of the home.

Innovation in designer extractor hoods

Designer cooker hoods have undergone a radical transformation in the last decade, incorporating smart technologies that improve efficiency and convenience in the kitchen. Here are some of the innovations:

  • Advanced filtration systems: New filtration systems go beyond simple odour and grease removal. They use advanced technologies to filter and purify the air, removing harmful particles and allergens. This ensures a healthier kitchen and a pleasant environment.
  • Touch controls and artificial intelligence: Modern cooker hoods have touch controls and sometimes incorporate artificial intelligence. This allows for easier and more intuitive operation, automatically adapting to cooking needs and offering functionalities such as programming and connectivity with other appliances.

In addition, it is important to say that Italian designs have significantly influenced current trends. The combination of elegant lines, high quality finishes and optimum functionality has set a new standard in cooker hood design.

Design kitchen with exterior hood.

What types of extractor hoods are there?

Opting for an Arrital kitchen means having access to a wide range of designs and finishes that facilitate the integration of the extractor hood, achieving a unique harmony in aesthetics and functionality.

Choosing the right cooker hood is crucial to keeping your kitchen fresh, clean and odour-free. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which one is right for your space and your cooking needs? Here are some of the most commonly used cooker hoods in recent years:

#1 Wall-mounted hoods

Designed for wall mounting, these hoods are common in kitchens where the cooker is located against one of the walls.

#2 Island bells

Perfect for kitchens with a central island, these hoods hang from the ceiling and provide efficient extraction.

#3 Integrated hoods

Fully integrated into the kitchen furniture, they offer a streamlined appearance.

#4 Telescopic or extractable hoods

They are hidden under cabinets and pull out when needed, ideal for small spaces.

#5 Ceiling hoods

They offer a modern solution for open and spacious kitchens.

#6 Downdraft bells

They tuck away into the worktop and lift up when needed, perfect for kitchens with unobstructed views.

#7 Carbon filter hoods

They use carbon filters to purify the air and are ideal when outdoor ventilation is not an option.

#8 Ecological hoods

Focused on sustainability, they use energy-saving technologies.

#9 Intelligent bells

They incorporate modern technologies such as touch controls and WiFi connectivity.

Cooker hoods are more than just a utility; they are a style statement, an extension of your taste and a reflection of your love of cooking. From budget options to luxury designs, there is something for every kitchen.

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