How to illuminate the design kitchen?

Descubre los beneficios que tienen que ofrecerte las cocinas en u

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a space that must perfectly combine functionality and design. When planning a kitchen design or renovation, lighting plays a key role, as it is not only important for tasks such as cooking and cleaning, but can also enhance the aesthetics and style of the room. In this […]

Kitchen cabinet doors: all available options

When choosing materials for a reform, the kitchen furniture doors are one of the most relevant details. In addition to the choice of color and accessories such as handles, the material they are made of and their finish can make a difference in terms of durability, strength and ease of cleaning. Most kitchen cabinet doors […]

The psychology of color in kitchen design

Interior design is much more than a set of styles and visual trends, as it also involves understanding how colors influence our emotions and behaviors to create ideal environments according to each room and each house, so that the people who live there feel comfortable in their home. When it comes to the kitchen, one […]

Extractor hoods for an impeccable kitchen

Cocina de diseño italiano con una campana extractora de diseño

At the heart of designer kitchens is a harmonious combination of functionality and style. Extractor hoods play a key role in this balance, providing a clean and fresh ambience while complementing the aesthetics of Italian-designed kitchens. From kitchen accessories, to designer extractor hoods to kitchen accessories, there is a fusion of elements that make the […]


Cocina moderna con encimera central y electrodomésticos empotrados.

Renovating a kitchen is always exciting just imagining the stylish, renovated space in which we can create delicious dishes and share unforgettable moments. However, choosing the right worktops and appliances can be overwhelming given the wide range of options available on the market. Discover how to make informed choices that will allow you to create […]


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