5 kitchens with decorative hoods for inspiration

Cocina moderna con encimera central y electrodomésticos empotrados.

When it comes to reforming or renovating a kitchen, one of the elements that can undoubtedly stand out is the extractor hood.

In addition to being essential to prevent odors from spreading throughout the house, especially in open kitchens, hood designs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can add an extra touch of style.

Today we present the different types you can find to make your choice easier if you are planning your next kitchen:

Types of extractor hoods

The extractors can be found in different modalities, the choice of which depends both on the location of the stoves and the smoke outlet to the outside, as well as the aesthetic tastes of each person.

  • Wall-mounted hoods. These hoods are wall-mounted and are ideal for kitchens with a standard layout. They can be both decorative and functional, with a variety of styles and finishes to complement the kitchen design.
  • Island bells. These hoods provide an elegant and efficient solution for kitchens with a central island. They usually have an eye-catching design and a large extraction capacity to address the needs of an open kitchen. They can be found in the outdoor or recirculation filter types.
  • Built-in or integrated hoods. These hoods are designed to be installed inside an overhead cabinet and are hidden from view when not in use. They are an excellent choice for kitchens looking for a clean and unobtrusive look, as they blend in perfectly with the kitchen cabinets.
  • Telescopic hoods. They are installed under an overhead cabinet and can be deployed as needed to provide additional extraction coverage over the cooking area.
  • Ceiling hoods. These hoods are ceiling mounted above the cooking area, providing a unique and elegant solution for kitchens with high ceilings or special architectural designs. They usually have a modern, minimalist design that adds a touch of contemporary style to the kitchen.
  • Hoods integrated into the cooktop or base cabinets. These types of hoods clear ceilings and walls and draw air downward.

Decorative hoods

Decorative hoods can be wall-mounted, island or ceiling-mounted, but they have one idea in common: elevate kitchen design. Here are a few ideas to inspire you if you’re looking for a range hood that makes a style statement.

1. Industrial style hood

Industrial style is known for its raw, urban aesthetic, and a decorative hood can be the perfect element to complement it.

Decorative black hoods are ideal for finishing off an industrial style kitchen. Its straight and simple lines fit perfectly in the environment, especially combined with other elements in black and materials such as wood.

2. Modern hoods

For a modern touch, a creatively styled decorative hood, like the one below, can make all the difference and transform the effect of the space.

Opt for simplicity and organic lines, as well as quality materials and tones that accompany the rest of the furniture or create contrast to enrich the design.

Italian design kitchen with a design extractor hood

3. Stainless steel hoods

When it comes to creating spaces of any style with impeccable aesthetics, stainless steel is an ideal choice. Especially when you are looking to create a bright space, this type of extractor hoods are perfect because they reflect light and provide an elegant touch that works in different atmospheres.

Design kitchen with exterior hood.

4. Hoods with hanging furniture

In the island or peninsula extractor hoods, a trend that is gaining weight is to integrate the extraction device in a hanging cabinet, thus obtaining additional space for storage or decoration and achieving an impeccable modern style, also suitable for the industrial style mentioned above.

5. Minimalist hoods

Some modern range hoods are simple blocks with clean lines and minimalist style.

They can be found in different colors to fit in any space and are perfect to enhance a modern kitchen with simple lines.

In conclusion, a decorative hood can be much more than just a kitchen accessory: it can be a style statement that completely transforms the look of the space.

Whatever style you prefer, whether minimalist, industrial or modern, you are sure to find the option that best fits your idea of the perfect kitchen.

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