Kitchen cabinet doors: all available options

When choosing materials for a reform, the kitchen furniture doors are one of the most relevant details. In addition to the choice of color and accessories such as handles, the material they are made of and their finish can make a difference in terms of durability, strength and ease of cleaning.

Most kitchen cabinet doors are made of wood or particleboard, but the difference in appearance and durability will be made by the finish applied to the base material.

For all these reasons, designer kitchens incorporate innovative door materials that stand out for their impeccable style and functionality.

Below, we will tell you about the different finish options for you to choose from among all these types of kitchen cabinet doors:


Plywoods have a tough, easy-to-assemble, high-quality veneer that provides an ideal lightweight material for kitchen doors. The most popular choices are oak or spruce veneer.

Oak is an ideal wood for this type of room due to its characteristics, which include high hardness, low porosity and natural antifungal properties. In addition, its aesthetics is ideal to provide warmth, thanks to its veins.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials in professional kitchens, due to its durability and resistance to corrosion, but also because it is easy to clean, which makes it an ideal material to guarantee hygiene. This material also adds a stylish and modern touch to any room.

Tempered glass

One of the most common options for kitchen cabinet doors is glass, which is used in the kitchen. creates an elegant effect and leaves the content in view. Tempered glass, in different aesthetic options, is ideal for creating a modern or traditional space with different styles, and it is resistant.


Melamine finishes provide a resin coating that is liquid repellent, stain, abrasion and heat resistant and are therefore ideal for kitchen environments.

There are several types of melamine coatings depending on aesthetic preferences, from matte finishes that are soft to the touch, in a wide variety of colors, to thermostructured melamines that provide a special texture to the room.

In any case, kitchen doors with a melamine finish are both aesthetic and functional, as they are light and easy to clean.


Lacquering is the application of products and processes on the base material that provide an ideal resistant finish for kitchen doors.

There are different types of lacquering that provide different effects and finishes, from a silky feel to a long-lasting glossy finish, an extra matte resistance, a metallic touch with a variety of effects, including oxidized or scratched, or an extraordinary texture with a 3D effect.

Fenix NTM and NTA

Fenix is a registered material that takes advantage of nanotechnology to obtain the most sought-after properties in the kitchen: opacity, resistance to fingerprints, softness to the touch, ease of cleaning and antibacterial properties.

It comes in a variety of colors, and the effect of the Fenix NTM is matte, while the Fenix NTA creates a metallic effect.


Krion stands out as a material for its continuity. Composed of acrylic resin, it is resistant, hygienic and durable, and allows a wide variety of customization options.

Hidden storage of an Italian design kitchen island by Arrital Benissa & Calpe

Flat – Line

This finish is achieved by hot pressing the wood, followed by a mechanical planing process to highlight the grain or milling. It is then printed and varnished for high durability and a unique aesthetic, perfect for creating a warm atmosphere with wood in a designer kitchen.

Tecnolux and Tecnomatt

Tecnolux and Tecnomatt doors are composed of a fiberboard panel (MDF) covered with a plastic polymer sheet. The Tecnolux finish is glossy and can be found in a wide range of colors, while Tecnomatt has a matte silk effect, which provides an elegant style while offering great comfort in use and cleaning.

The right material for your kitchen doors

With all this information, the key to choosing the most suitable finish for kitchen doors lies in choosing the performance you want the material to have and its appearance and texture.

Surely it is much easier if you can see and touch some samples, so we recommend you to visit our kitchen store in Benissa and Calpe and get inspired to plan how will be the kitchen of your dreams.


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