Kitchen renovation: everything you need to pay attention to

A kitchen renovation is an exciting project that can completely transform one of the most important spaces in your home.

Designer kitchens have revolutionized home living and you too can have one and experience how it can improve your quality of life.

However, an integral reform is always a challenge and, therefore, it is crucial to take into account all the elements that will ensure that the project is carried out successfully and have the peace of mind of working with professional experts in the field, such as those that we offer you at Savi Benissa & Calpe.

The kitchen projects are essential to plan how will be the kitchen of our home, adapting to the needs of functionality of each case in detail and incorporating elements that ensure success also in aesthetics.

Considerations when making the decision to carry out your kitchen renovation

The reform of an integral kitchen is a big decision and, therefore, it is important that you take into account some issues before launching into it.

The budget

It is one of the most decisive issues when it comes to making this type of action in the home, but it is important to keep in mind that one of the main objectives when reforming a kitchen is its durability.

Give the budget the right importance, but remember to balance it with the quality of the materials.

Professional advice

To guarantee a good result, contact professionals with experience in the sector and let them advise you. Study different kitchen projects and rely on knowledge to make the best decisions.

Issues you should pay attention to for your kitchen remodeling project

Analyzes and studies the space

It is important that you know your space in detail and the uses you want to give it. Depending on its size, it will be better to make some decisions or others. It is time to consider whether major changes will be necessary, such as removing walls to open the kitchen to the living room.


Imagine that you are using your kitchen as you usually do. What are the tasks you do most often? How could it be made easier in your new kitchen? What features would you like to add?

Arrital's high-end Italian cuisine idea

Layout of your new kitchen

Now analyze, knowing the use you give it, how it would be more comfortable in the new space you will have. Visualize where you would place major elements such as appliances, the cooking area or the sink and how you and your family will move around this space.

Get inspired

Analyze the style of your home and look for inspiration before renovating your kitchen. Sure you like designer kitchens, but the customization options are vast. Look for the style that fits best with the rest of your home and analyze examples, such as the ones you will find on our website or in our stores.

Choose the right materials

Opt for innovative and quality materials that guarantee ease of maintenance and durability over the years.

The most relevant materials in kitchen projects are tiles, countertop materials or kitchen furniture. Take the time to learn about the features of each and how they can be useful to you.

The style

Visualize also the aesthetic result when incorporating the materials, as you will find them in a wide range of options.

You are sure to succeed if you use neutral tones and simple lines for a modern and lasting style. Depending on what your preferences are, you can use wood tones, for example, which will bring warmth to the whole, or create a single-color kitchen with an impeccable effect, in which other decorative elements will be the eye-catchers.

Modern kitchen with central countertop and built-in appliances.


Once you’re clear on the layout, it’s time to nail down the storage features. Designer kitchens are especially popular for their customizable storage options, which allow you to take advantage of every corner of the space.

Review what utensils you have, which ones you use most often, at what height it will be easier for you to find and store them, and how you can make the most of the space. As a tip: deep drawers, pull-out shelves, corner pieces and drawer dividers are a must. These elements have revolutionized the accessibility of storage because of their convenience and will also make it easier for you to maintain an impeccable order at all times.


Think about where you will need light points and with what intensity before the reform of an integral kitchen.

Lighting is essential in the kitchen and, in addition, you can take the opportunity to start adding decorative elements, such as a lamp that stands out.

Finishes and decorative elements

The touch of personality that will turn a designer kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

Find objects that represent your style and place them strategically to complete the space with personality. Incorporate plants into the room for extra vitality and to give the room a cozy feel.


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