Choosing the right kitchen layout for your kitchen in just 5 steps

Planificación de espacio en la cocina

Kitchen layout is a fundamental aspect to consider when planning the renovation or design of a new kitchen in your home. Choosing the right layout affects not only the functionality of the kitchen itself, but also its aesthetics and efficiency.

We will explain in detail how to select the kitchen layout that best suits your needs:

When it comes to choosing the layout of your new kitchen, there are a few key aspects you need to consider first:

#1 Comprende tus necesidades y estilo de vida

Before fully embarking on this project, it is essential to understand your needs and lifestyle.

Are you a passionate person who needs a lot of storage space and work surface, or do you cook occasionally and quickly? Do you have a large family that requires a spacious kitchen to prepare meals together or do you live alone and need something more compact and simple?

Ideas to optimize your kitchen layout

First of all, think this through.

#2 Las distribuciones de cocina más comunes

There are several common kitchen layouts, and the choice depends largely on the available space and your own personal preferences:

In-line or I-shaped distribution

This layout is ideal for small or narrow kitchens. All kitchen elements, such as appliances, sink and work surface, are placed in a single line.

This maximizes the available space and creates a feeling of spaciousness.

L-shaped kitchen layout

The L-shaped layout is versatile and adapts well to spaces of different sizes. Cabinets and appliances are placed on two adjacent walls, forming an “L” shape. Hence its name.

This layout facilitates workflow and creates a central area that can be used for an island or a table as long as there is enough space.

U-shaped distribution

U-shaped kitchens use three walls to organize kitchen elements. This layout provides plenty of storage space and work surface, but requires a larger space, so it is not suitable for small kitchens.

It is perfect, however, for large kitchens and families who enjoy cooking together.

Open and spacious kitchen layout

Kitchen layout with island

If you have enough space, a center island can be an unbeatable addition. You can combine it with any of the distributions mentioned above as long as there is space, it is recommended that on each side there is a minimum of 90 cm.

A perfect way to add additional space for cooking and socializing.

#3 Distribución de cocina pequeña

If you have a small kitchen, efficiency is key.

Opt for an in-line or L-shaped layout to make the most of the available space. Use vertical cabinets and smart storage solutions to keep the kitchen tidy and uncluttered, such as pull-out drawers.

#4 ¿Y qué hay de las cocinas rectangulares?

Rectangular kitchens can be a challenge, but with the right layout, you can make the most of the space.

Opt for an L-shaped or U-shaped layout to create a comfortable work flow and keep the kitchen from feeling too cramped. You can put an island if space permits.

This will help to somehow “break” this blander aesthetic.

#5 Consulta a un profesional en proyectos de cocinas

Designing the layout of your kitchen is an important process that needs to be thought about twice, three or even four times. The ideal for everything to fit perfectly is to make custom kitchens where each element is perfect for the space. Be that as it may.

Ideas to optimize your kitchen layout

Choosing the right kitchen layout is essential to create a functional space where, above all, you feel comfortable.

After all, the kitchen has become as important a space in a home as the living room or bedroom. With a well thought-out design, you can enjoy a perfect kitchen for many years to come.

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